Residential Law Updates

Services charges on sale

QUESTION: We are selling our flat. We have accepted an offer from a couple who seem to have a problem with cash. We are confident that the buyers will pay the purchase price, but what happens if they don't pay ground rent or service charges after we ...

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1.    When determining the cost of extending a lease, valuers take into account the ground rent income, usually a nominal amount, and the reduction in the investment value of the freeholder’s interest. When a lease is shorter than 80 years, the cost als ...

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Civil Partnership


QUESTION: My boyfriend and I want to buy a flat. As a same-sex couple, we are also considering a civil partnership. What are the advantages?

The 2004 Civil Partnership Act places same-sex couples in the same position as married couples in ...

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New Residential Tenancy


QUESTION: I am due to sign a new tenancy agreement for the flat in which I have lived for nearly three years. I have previously signed a tenancy for a year, with a break clause at six months. As I am looking to buy a property, I would like to establi ...

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