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Tax implications of equity release

QUESTION: My parents own a property worth about £320,000 and we were wondering if we could release some equity for them by purchasing a percentage share of the property. There are three children and the house will eventually be left to us, but we wou ...

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How to make a claim on council tax

• Visit to see if you pay more than your neighbour. Enter the postcode and house number. (If you pay less you don't have to tell your council).

• If you think you are paying more, write to your local listing officer through the ...

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Disputed boundaries

QUESTION: Which takes precedence - the title deeds or the Land Register? Our property is unregistered. Our deeds say that we own 240ft of land. The site plan clearly identifies the boundary in feet from a fixed point. When we bought our property, the ...

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Buying the Freehold

QUESTION: I own one of 11 flats in a period conversion in Bristol. The leases run for 999 years, starting from about 25 years ago. We all pay an annual ground rent to the freeholder, who no longer lives at the property. I have looked after the day-to ...

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Service charges and lifts

QUESTION: I own a flat on the ground floor of a modern block. The building has a lift, although I never use it. I asked the managing agent whether owners of ground-floor flats should be charged service charges for the repair and maintenance of the li ...

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Disgruntled residents used their legal right to replace their property management company

In Cawsand Fort Management Company v EM Stafford and Others (20.11.07), residents, unhappy with a management company's services, sought the appointment of a statutory manager to provide the services.

A group of 19th-century buildings know ...

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Access to neighbouring land

The wall of our property backs on to our neighbour's courtyard. We have planning consent for a window in this wall, but our neighbours insist that it be installed from inside our property. Our deeds say we have "full right and liberty at all reasonab ...

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Late completion of tenanted property

QUESTION: I have exchanged contracts to sell a tenanted property, but my buyer will not be able to complete on the date we have agreed because he cannot secure bank funding. What are my options?

Any delay in completion beyond the contract ...

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Land Registry Notice

QUESTION: I want to sell my land quickly but cannot do so because a third party has registered a notice at the Land Registry against my title. What should I do?

If your land is registered, anyone who claims to have an interest in it can a ...

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Access for works

QUESTION: I want to put scaffolding on my neighbour's land to carry out works to my property, but the neighbour has refused permission. Can I do anything?

This will depend on the nature of your proposed works and whether you are prepared ...

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